The most exciting moment in PUA – Physical Escalation 101

Hey buddy,

Today I’m going to tell you about what for me is the most exciting moment in PUA and why you’re probably ruining that awesome moment if you’re following the Mystery Method.

The most exciting moment is (drumroll please): Kissing! You just can’t beat the moment where you haven’t kissed a girl yet, the uncertainty when your mouth reaches hers, the tension as she doubts for a semi-second and then kisses you back whole-heartedly.

The most exciting moment in PUA - Physical escalation 101

There are lots of ways of handling this exciting moment. The Mystery Method takes away the uncertainty and a little bit of the sexiness that is that first kiss. It recommends that you say: “I’m trying so hard not to kiss you right now.” On which the girl will either stay silent, kiss you, or ask you why. All of these cases are pretty clear cut: She wants you to kiss her!

Now you’re thinking one of two things: Either this doesn’t work, or he’s going to tell me it doesn’t work. Actually, the funny thing is, I used it a lot, and it has never failed. As a matter of fact, I still use it sometimes when I’m not in the zone, and it almost always gets you the kiss or at least a polite rejection. It works.

AC, why are you telling me NOT to use it then?

Low risk, means low reward, the spark will never be as big and the kiss will never be as fun as a spontaneous make-out session. PUA is thrill-seeking, and if you’re gonna be safe, the buzz will never be that high.

Make it fun for yourself, kiss her whenever you feel like it! If she kisses you back: GREAT! If she doesn’t, try again later. It ain’t over till you make the skinny lady sing!

The most exciting moment in PUA - Physical escalation 101



Blog – Don’t bullshit about reference experiences!

Hey guys,

It’s been ages, don’t worry though, I’m still alive and kicking.

A personality crisis, bullshit in my theatre group, and an amazing Swedish girl with whom I have an open relationship, created a mild apathy for PUA for a while.

I was up in Café Local (Antwerp) tonight though, and all the theory came rushing back, shot neg there, block here, kino there. A bit rusty, but an old tiger never loses his stripes, I could have easily pulled with a little more finesse.

The realization dropped in tonight, I like the game and enjoy playing it, so I will, no matter what. Due to a huge lack of time however, I really can’t right now and it kills me to admit it, but I’m nowhere near the level I want to be. I’m great with the creative, artsy kind of girl, but opening and closing a complete stranger, still scares the shit out of me when I’m not in a group of fellow PUA’s.

For now, I’m gonna have to bide my time till I move to Bristol in October, between my girlfriend, work and theatre, I really don’t have much time to go out sarging, I will however get back to sending out small snippets of what I’ve learned on here. But don’t take this newbies word for everything!

Go out and experience!

The way you learn is by collecting reference experiences and evaluate them, don’t let your ego bullshit you. Take both positive and negative feedback as learning moments, be honest to yourself, when a girl rejects you don’t soften the blow and when a girl opens up, don’t treat it as nothing. Both the good and the bad, the yin and the yang, the Alpha and Omega need to be observed while playing.

Keep going, keep rocking it and you’ll get there!

Blog - Don't bullshit about reference experiences! PUA


Proof looks don’t matter! – Blog

Ok guys, I’m gonna be completely honest with you, this week I’m looking like absolute shit! My hair is too long, my face breaking out, haven’t spent much time on my clothing and haven’t shaved in 5 days. I look like a freaking hobo!

And despite looking like that, guess what I did tonight? I made the smoothest fuck-close of my life! I’m still brimming with excitement and can’t sleep, that’s why I’m writing this now (3am here).

I’m going to upload a field report about how I picked this petite Spanish girl up later, but couldn’t withhold this piece of info from you guys. I look like a freaking hobo right now and I still fucked a Spanish HB9 (see PUA-definitions) in a m*therfucking PIRATE BOAT!

Yes, that’s right, I did her in a playground at 2am in a fucking pirate boat!

How did I do that? Not by looking good, but by being sharp, being witty, being alpha and kino-ing, bodyrocking (see PUA-definitions), and all of the other stuff I learned through PUA, this was where it all came together. I was like Neo in the matrix, I knew I was going to get her, I knew how to do it.

She actually just texted me to thank me for tonight, I fuck-closed her in a pirate boat, and she’s texting me an hour later to thank me, that’s how strong this stuff can be in the right hands, learn from it.

Even though I look like shit today, I got it done! Looks don’t matter AT ALL! You just have to learn how to talk, that’s all!

Proof looks don't matter! PUA

Love women unconditionally, chang into PUA

Learn to love women – Core Change 101

Okay guys, another critical part of game is to:

Learn to truly love women unconditionally!

It sounds evident, and maybe you think you already do love women, but the fact is, a lot of you guys are wounded souls. You’d love to make love to women, but you probably have a lot of pent up frustration from all the rejections from your chodelife still vivid in your head.

Subconsciously you might still view sexhaving women as sluts and women rejecting you as bitches. We already discussed this though, women rejected you aren’t bitches, they are rejecting you because of something YOU’VE done! It’s never their fault!

The thing is, female behaviour is conditioned to only bone the guy she deems sex-worthy, a woman will sense if you love or hate women and she’s conditioned to reject the misogynistic prick!

The game is most successful when it’s motivated from a core love for women. If you read the Mystery Method, you’ll notice it right away; “We need their feminine energy, it’s our gasoline”, “This is what we were put on this earth for, making these two girls laugh.”

The Mystery Method might be a bit outdated, especially because Erik von Markovich clearly doesn’t age like fine wine, but for me, this message survived: Love women unconditionally, because if you act honestly, truthfully and out of your own intention, they WILL love you unconditionally.

Learn to love women - Actual Core logo

Getting out of the friend-zone - PUA Core change

Getting out of the friend-zone. – Core Change 101

Paint this picture: You’re hanging out with a girl a lot, watching film after film, maybe even holding her hand. She’s getting more and more comfortable around you, and things seem to be going well. You haven’t kissed her, but you’re an old-fashioned guy, so you’ll wait till the third date. At the end of the third date, you’re sitting on your couch, and you tell her: “I really like you”, she responds: “Aww, I like you to!” Your heart starts pounding, you’re going in for the kiss, but right before you reach her luscious lips, she pushes you away, saying: “I really like you as a friend, I wouldn’t want to do anything to ruin that.” Access denied!

I get a lot of e-mails about the infamous friend-zone, about 3 mails a day ask me how to get out of it. So here it is, the way to get out of the friend-zone and into the no pants-zone!

Getting out of the friend-zone - PUA Core change

The paradox of the friend-zone.

To get out of the friend-zone, first you need to realize there is no friend-zone. You’re putting yourself into a frame of being a friend, so everything you do, she will consider to be friendly, but not sexy. You’re in the friend-frame. A zone is something you really can’t get out of, a frame is something you can change.

Is it possible to get out of the friend-zone?

As it’s not a zone, but a frame, YES, it is possible. The problem though, is that it’s very difficult to change a frame, it takes up lots of time. So the best thing to do is get over your one-itis (read PUA-definitions), and just go for a next target. If you still want to get out of the friend-frame with this one special little lady, it’s only possible to do so if you are willing to lose her as a friend. If you don’t want to lose her as friend, you’ve set the friend-frame yourself, and you’ll stay in that frame. So you make the choice, is the possibility of getting into her pants worth losing her as a friend, or not?

YES, tell me how to do it!

To get out of the friend-frame, you need to stop letting her think of you as a friend, that means that you need to stop being a friend, an don’t think of her as one. For women, friendship is comfort, relationships are about excitement, so to change the frame,  you need to take away the comfort. Stop chatting with her, stop calling her, and be aloof. Don’t be afraid to ignore some of her texts or messages. Don’t completely ignore her though, she’ll forget about you in a few days. Just feign disinterest in her. If she doesn’t contact you at all, that means she didn’t think about you as a friend in the first place, so you shouldn’t worry about it at all.

Ignore her? Really?

To a man this may seem counter-intuitive, because for men, friendship is a stepping stone to more. For women, friendships and relationships are an entirely different thing. If you’re in a friend-frame, you need to give her time to get over said frame. You need to take away the comfort and security she has of you always being there.

OK, then what?

In the minimum of two weeks you don’t speak, change something about your life, get a new car, get a new haircut or get new clothes for example. So that when you re-meet her, something about you seems different to her. If you’re still precisely the same guy she left two weeks ago, she’ll friend-frame you once again!

How do I meet her again?

It all depends, if you played the disinterest correctly, she’ll keep on contacting you, and you can just accept to meet her. If you didn’t, you’ll have to wait till an opportunity arises to meet her casually. If the opportunity doesn’t arise within a month, just text her: “sup?” Keep on feigning disinterest if you’re going to ask for a meeting, just text: “we should catch up.” Don’t go to a one on one setting, go to a café or something.

What do I do when I meet her again?

This one depends on how the previous weeks have gone, if she contacted you, you need to be clear about your intent, show her that you want her by constant kino-ing (read PUA-definitions), show her that you want to have sex with her, not by saying so, but by doing so. Make sure that during the entire night, at least one part of your body is touching hers. This can be a hand, a leg or whatever, but don’t remove contact. If she removes contact, pull away and be aloof and uninterested again. If you contacted her, start by disinterest and then when she’s trying for rapport, start showing intent.

If you met up in another setting, with other people there, sit next to her and talk to the other people, while you’re talking to the other people, gently put your hand on her back and start moving it around. Don’t look at her, don’t look at what’s happening, just keep on talking with the other people. This will arouse her immensely!

And then?

If you played it correctly, she won’t leave until you do, when you leave, grab her hand or her waist, once outside and out of sight for the rest of the group. Pull her towards you, look into her eyes and softly say: “I’ve missed you”, then kiss her passionately. If you did everything correctly, she won’t shy away again.

I think you guys know how to take it from there!

Getting out of the friend-zone


Next up: The way to kino-escalate!


A shocking truth about women and sex – Feminine Mind 101

Back to ACP with:

A shocking truth about women and sex.

A lot of you seem to think that women hate or dislike sex, that they don’t enjoy it and just do it to make babies or keep a guy happy. The good news: This is utter bull-shit! All the women I dated had a much higher sex-drive than me! Not only did they want sex more often than I did, they were complete perverts about it, actually begging me for sex!

A shocking truth about women and sex – Feminine Mind 101 | Actual Core

I know what you’re thinking: He must look like George freaking Clooney, or fuck like Ron Jeremy. No, I’m average looking and haven’t had clear skin since I was 12. Plus, I’ve only just started to teach myself sexual stamina. So why do women I go out with want sex all the time?

Women are even more pervy than men! It’s a simple combination of emotional detachment, build-up and intent, right now an abundance mindset has been added and they go even more crazy!

Emotional detachment: Women I’ve dated have always known, that even if they rejected me sexually, I wouldn’t hold it against them that they didn’t have intercourse with me. I never got any emotional high from having it, I never got disappointed or sad if they didn’t want to have sex. I’d just shrug my shoulders and move on.

My sexual intent is always clear and strong, when I want sex, I know I’ll get it, and I know she will enjoy it. This is a vital part of being a man and getting her aroused, you need to be clear about what you want and know you’ll get it!

I know how to kino-escalateI don’t just start tearing a woman’s clothes off, I slowly get them horny so they’ll want it even more, this can take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour or maybe more, the longer you make her wait for it, the hornier she gets. So don’t jump on her like she’s the last Twinkie after a nuclear war, slowly build up the sexual tension.

Now adding to that is my abundance mindset, women unconsciously know that I have other options. That means biologically they go in hyper-drive. They unconsciously know that if they don’t fuck me, somebody else will. So girls want to have sex with me on a biological level, to keep me from doing it with others, they know I’m a leader, so on a purely biological level, they want my sperm first.

Get all of these categories in check and women will actually be perverted around you in stead of the other way around, because if there’s one thing women want in life, it’s sex. You just need to learn how to bring out the pervert in her!

A shocking truth about women and sex - Feminine Mind 101

Next up: Getting out of the friend-zone!


Trying out the Facebook!

Hey guys,

In my endless quest towards getting this company the attention it deserves, I started a Facebook-page, like and share:

Facebook Actual Core


Moving! – Blog

Hey guys,

Sorry I haven’t been in for a while, got a new appartment in Antwerp, so moving like crazy now.

From next Tuesday on I’ll defo be posting at least once every 2/3 days again, so be sure to keep an eye-out for that!

Couple of the next planned posts:

How to reach abundance.

A shocking truth about women.

Congruence testing, how to pass every single test.

How to reach abundance.  A shocking truth about women.  Congruence testing, how to pass every single test.


Get in shape! Lifestyle 101

Little lifestyle-tip for the guys who really want to get great at the game.

Get into shape and lead a healthy lifestyle!

There are numerous advantages to getting in shape, first and foremost, you’ll feel better. You’ll feel more attractive, and hence, you’ll be more attractive.

Your survival and replication value increases. From an evolutionary standpoint, your attractiveness is decided by your S&R-value, the chance you’ll survive and replicate. If you’re not healthy, you’re less attractive.

Thirdly, you’ll have more stamina to go into clubs, sarging is a tiresome game. Clubbing all night can really take the wind out of you if you’re not fit.

It also improves your posture if you strengthen your core muscles. You’ll be more in tune with your body.

Finally, if you’re going to get a woman into bed, it’s neither fun or attractive if you’re heezing and wheezing after thirty seconds, to pleasure a woman sexually you need to at least have decent stamina. Think about it, wouldn’t your game improve if you know you can pleasure a woman.

To be a great ladies-man, you’ll have to have decent condition, you don’t have to be an Adonis or anything, but it improves your game if you’re healthy and fit. Not only that, but it will also improve your life outside of the game, you’ll have more energy to do the stuff you like to do.

Get in shape! Lifestyle 101


Don’t call a girl slut or whore. – Feminine mind 101

Aside from the obvious moral reasons, there are actually quite a lot of

PUA-reasons to not call a girl slut or whore.

Okay, listen up, the journey of PUA is the journey of becoming the Sex-worthy Man, the journey to being fucked regularly, not because she has to because you’re in a relationship, but because she wants to. From an evolutionary point of view because she needs your leader sperm.

The goal is SEX, it’s as simple as that, if you’re here, it’s because you want regular sex, whether it’s from a steady girlfriend, different fuckbuddies or multiple one-night stands, the goal is to have a regular stream of sexual intercourse in your life.

Think about the words slut and whore for a second. They’re derogatory words for sexually promiscuous women. In other words: An insult for women having regular sex. So if you call a woman slut or whore, you’re insulting her for giving what you want to have!

Not only is this very hypocritical and misogynistic, it’s downright counter-productive, you’re discouraging women to have sex. They intuitively know what guys are going to judge them for having sex, so if you judge women for having sex, you’re not going to get laid.

Don’t call a girl slut or whore. – Feminine mind 101

Women are great at intuitively knowing the underlying meaning of words and the underlying meaning of slut and whore is: I’m a pathetic guy who can’t get laid and I’m jealous of people getting it.

A Sex-worthy Man does not say slut or whore.

Don't call a girl slut or whore. - Feminine mind 101


Next time in ACP: Why to get in shape!