This is Actual Core-Dating, the website that teaches men to find their inner lover! Because every guy has this innate sense of how to seduce women, but we just tend to hide it due to social conditioning.

First a little bit about myself: I’m AC, I’m what they call a rAFC, I’m not a pick-up artist yet! I’ve started to learn pick-up a year ago, and now I’m finally delving in deeper. I’ve seen with my own eyes how easy success with women is and I’ve had quite a lot of succes with women myself in recent months.

The key is to know your own value, to know what is your actual core. You have the value in every interaction, you’re just giving it away too cheaply and to early in the interaction, if you know your own value, that would never happen. Your Actual Core is that of a leader, not of a chode.

So my first tip to you is treat every interaction like the girl is hitting on you, see how that changes the game!


Actual Core


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