A shocking truth about women and sex – Feminine Mind 101

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A shocking truth about women and sex.

A lot of you seem to think that women hate or dislike sex, that they don’t enjoy it and just do it to make babies or keep a guy happy. The good news: This is utter bull-shit! All the women I dated had a much higher sex-drive than me! Not only did they want sex more often than I did, they were complete perverts about it, actually begging me for sex!

A shocking truth about women and sex – Feminine Mind 101 | Actual Core

I know what you’re thinking: He must look like George freaking Clooney, or fuck like Ron Jeremy. No, I’m average looking and haven’t had clear skin since I was 12. Plus, I’ve only just started to teach myself sexual stamina. So why do women I go out with want sex all the time?

Women are even more pervy than men! It’s a simple combination of emotional detachment, build-up and intent, right now an abundance mindset has been added and they go even more crazy!

Emotional detachment: Women I’ve dated have always known, that even if they rejected me sexually, I wouldn’t hold it against them that they didn’t have intercourse with me. I never got any emotional high from having it, I never got disappointed or sad if they didn’t want to have sex. I’d just shrug my shoulders and move on.

My sexual intent is always clear and strong, when I want sex, I know I’ll get it, and I know she will enjoy it. This is a vital part of being a man and getting her aroused, you need to be clear about what you want and know you’ll get it!

I know how to kino-escalateI don’t just start tearing a woman’s clothes off, I slowly get them horny so they’ll want it even more, this can take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour or maybe more, the longer you make her wait for it, the hornier she gets. So don’t jump on her like she’s the last Twinkie after a nuclear war, slowly build up the sexual tension.

Now adding to that is my abundance mindset, women unconsciously know that I have other options. That means biologically they go in hyper-drive. They unconsciously know that if they don’t fuck me, somebody else will. So girls want to have sex with me on a biological level, to keep me from doing it with others, they know I’m a leader, so on a purely biological level, they want my sperm first.

Get all of these categories in check and women will actually be perverted around you in stead of the other way around, because if there’s one thing women want in life, it’s sex. You just need to learn how to bring out the pervert in her!

A shocking truth about women and sex - Feminine Mind 101

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      Don’t we all ;)

      Use this guide to make sure they love you back!


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