Love women unconditionally, chang into PUA

Learn to love women – Core Change 101

Okay guys, another critical part of game is to:

Learn to truly love women unconditionally!

It sounds evident, and maybe you think you already do love women, but the fact is, a lot of you guys are wounded souls. You’d love to make love to women, but you probably have a lot of pent up frustration from all the rejections from your chodelife still vivid in your head.

Subconsciously you might still view sexhaving women as sluts and women rejecting you as bitches. We already discussed this though, women rejected you aren’t bitches, they are rejecting you because of something YOU’VE done! It’s never their fault!

The thing is, female behaviour is conditioned to only bone the guy she deems sex-worthy, a woman will sense if you love or hate women and she’s conditioned to reject the misogynistic prick!

The game is most successful when it’s motivated from a core love for women. If you read the Mystery Method, you’ll notice it right away; “We need their feminine energy, it’s our gasoline”, “This is what we were put on this earth for, making these two girls laugh.”

The Mystery Method might be a bit outdated, especially because Erik von Markovich clearly doesn’t age like fine wine, but for me, this message survived: Love women unconditionally, because if you act honestly, truthfully and out of your own intention, they WILL love you unconditionally.

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