The most exciting moment in PUA – Physical Escalation 101

Hey buddy,

Today I’m going to tell you about what for me is the most exciting moment in PUA and why you’re probably ruining that awesome moment if you’re following the Mystery Method.

The most exciting moment is (drumroll please): Kissing! You just can’t beat the moment where you haven’t kissed a girl yet, the uncertainty when your mouth reaches hers, the tension as she doubts for a semi-second and then kisses you back whole-heartedly.

The most exciting moment in PUA - Physical escalation 101

There are lots of ways of handling this exciting moment. The Mystery Method takes away the uncertainty and a little bit of the sexiness that is that first kiss. It recommends that you say: “I’m trying so hard not to kiss you right now.” On which the girl will either stay silent, kiss you, or ask you why. All of these cases are pretty clear cut: She wants you to kiss her!

Now you’re thinking one of two things: Either this doesn’t work, or he’s going to tell me it doesn’t work. Actually, the funny thing is, I used it a lot, and it has never failed. As a matter of fact, I still use it sometimes when I’m not in the zone, and it almost always gets you the kiss or at least a polite rejection. It works.

AC, why are you telling me NOT to use it then?

Low risk, means low reward, the spark will never be as big and the kiss will never be as fun as a spontaneous make-out session. PUA is thrill-seeking, and if you’re gonna be safe, the buzz will never be that high.

Make it fun for yourself, kiss her whenever you feel like it! If she kisses you back: GREAT! If she doesn’t, try again later. It ain’t over till you make the skinny lady sing!

The most exciting moment in PUA - Physical escalation 101



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