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What’s the most important characteristic to be a successful ladiesman or PUA? Find out now!

Listen up, this is not going to be an easy post for you guys, a lot of you just don’t want to know this. It’s the truth, but it’s a harsh truth. This is a HUGE part of the Actual Core metamorphosis. The real deep Actual Core change is not possible if you don’t TEACH yourself this important trait. It’ll take you a while to actually UNDERSTAND and APPLY this concept. Hell, it took me ONE YEAR to fully grasp this concept. It might sound simple, but if you don’t apply it to EVERY single step of your life, it’s not going to work!

Ok, here it is, and read closely what I’m about to say:

Successful PUA’s understand that:
It’s all you!

Everything in your life starts and ends with YOU! If you are unemployed, it’s your fault. If you have no money, it’s your fault. If you have no women, it’s your fault. If you have no power, it’s your fault. If you’re a hopeless wanker, it’s your fault. If you get rejected, it’s YOUR fault! If you aren’t popular it’s YOUR fault!

I hear some of you thinking: I can’t help being lonely, I can’t help not having sex, I can’t help being a freak, I just got dumped (not my fault!).
If that’s you, I got one thing to say: BOO-freaking-HOO!
What's the most important characteristic to be a successful ladiesmen or PUA? Find out now!

If you’re lonely, go meet people! If you’re not having sex, learn how to meet women! If you’re a freak, learn how to adapt! If you got dumped, get her back or find a new girlfriend!

The world owes you nothing, you get what you make happen! If you attract bad stuff, then is it maybe possible that YOU did something to make that happen? The world isn’t out to get you, you’re just not pushing the right buttons for the world to help you. Take responsibility for who you are and know that you can become whatever you want to be, if you take the RIGHT ACTION.

Your past does not reflect your future, if you take the right action now, you can actually change the future into what you WANT it to be. You’ve already read so far, so I’m pretty sure you’re intelligent enough to understand that this is a LIFECHANGING approach.

Think about what this means, everything bad that has ever happened to you, was your own fault. But everything good that ever happened to you was also your own merit! You made the girl fall in love with you in 3rd grade, you made the big sale in your company, you made sure you got that job, you made yourself get the friends you have! If you’re unhappy, you can change it and make sure you are happy!

Why is this important for picking up women?

It’s because PUA’s understand that if they don’t pull (see PUA-lingo), they did something wrong! A real PUA knows how to critically evaluate his own actions and learns from mistakes he has made in the past. He knows that talking to women is a skill, and he has the power to improve it.

Ok, hope you learnt something today, the topic on Actual Core Program next time is:

Why not to compliment a girl.

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