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Ok guys, I’m gonna be completely honest with you, this week I’m looking like absolute shit! My hair is too long, my face breaking out, haven’t spent much time on my clothing and haven’t shaved in 5 days. I look like a freaking hobo!

And despite looking like that, guess what I did tonight? I made the smoothest fuck-close of my life! I’m still brimming with excitement and can’t sleep, that’s why I’m writing this now (3am here).

I’m going to upload a field report about how I picked this petite Spanish girl up later, but couldn’t withhold this piece of info from you guys. I look like a freaking hobo right now and I still fucked a Spanish HB9 (see PUA-definitions) in a m*therfucking PIRATE BOAT!

Yes, that’s right, I did her in a playground at 2am in a fucking pirate boat!

How did I do that? Not by looking good, but by being sharp, being witty, being alpha and kino-ing, bodyrocking (see PUA-definitions), and all of the other stuff I learned through PUA, this was where it all came together. I was like Neo in the matrix, I knew I was going to get her, I knew how to do it.

She actually just texted me to thank me for tonight, I fuck-closed her in a pirate boat, and she’s texting me an hour later to thank me, that’s how strong this stuff can be in the right hands, learn from it.

Even though I look like shit today, I got it done! Looks don’t matter AT ALL! You just have to learn how to talk, that’s all!

Proof looks don't matter! PUA


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