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What’s the most important characteristic to be a successful ladiesman or PUA? Find out now!

Listen up, this is not going to be an easy post for you guys, a lot of you just don’t want to know this. It’s the truth, but it’s a harsh truth. This is a HUGE part of the Actual Core metamorphosis. The real deep Actual Core change is not possible if you don’t TEACH yourself this important trait. It’ll take you a while to actually UNDERSTAND and APPLY this concept. Hell, it took me ONE YEAR to fully grasp this concept. It might sound simple, but if you don’t apply it to EVERY single step of your life, it’s not going to work!

Ok, here it is, and read closely what I’m about to say:

Successful PUA’s understand that:
It’s all you!

Everything in your life starts and ends with YOU! If you are unemployed, it’s your fault. If you have no money, it’s your fault. If you have no women, it’s your fault. If you have no power, it’s your fault. If you’re a hopeless wanker, it’s your fault. If you get rejected, it’s YOUR fault! If you aren’t popular it’s YOUR fault!

I hear some of you thinking: I can’t help being lonely, I can’t help not having sex, I can’t help being a freak, I just got dumped (not my fault!).
If that’s you, I got one thing to say: BOO-freaking-HOO!
What's the most important characteristic to be a successful ladiesmen or PUA? Find out now!

If you’re lonely, go meet people! If you’re not having sex, learn how to meet women! If you’re a freak, learn how to adapt! If you got dumped, get her back or find a new girlfriend!

The world owes you nothing, you get what you make happen! If you attract bad stuff, then is it maybe possible that YOU did something to make that happen? The world isn’t out to get you, you’re just not pushing the right buttons for the world to help you. Take responsibility for who you are and know that you can become whatever you want to be, if you take the RIGHT ACTION.

Your past does not reflect your future, if you take the right action now, you can actually change the future into what you WANT it to be. You’ve already read so far, so I’m pretty sure you’re intelligent enough to understand that this is a LIFECHANGING approach.

Think about what this means, everything bad that has ever happened to you, was your own fault. But everything good that ever happened to you was also your own merit! You made the girl fall in love with you in 3rd grade, you made the big sale in your company, you made sure you got that job, you made yourself get the friends you have! If you’re unhappy, you can change it and make sure you are happy!

Why is this important for picking up women?

It’s because PUA’s understand that if they don’t pull (see PUA-lingo), they did something wrong! A real PUA knows how to critically evaluate his own actions and learns from mistakes he has made in the past. He knows that talking to women is a skill, and he has the power to improve it.

Ok, hope you learnt something today, the topic on Actual Core Program next time is:

Why not to compliment a girl.

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User-question: How to tell if a girl likes you.

Ethan asks another question:

How to know.. which girl is.. like to talk with me.. or.. want to talk.. does eye contact help ??

Read the answer in the comments!

How to tell if a girl is into you


Circumventing the bitch-shield – Approaching 101

In the last article we discussed how and why women put up a bitch-shield when approached by an unworthy man.

Now it’s time to learn how to get past that infamous bitchy attitude some women throw in your face. A few things you need to change to successfully circumvent this shield women put up.

1. Don’t be a whiny bitch. If you go and cry about every single interaction gone wrong, you’re going to have a bad time. In modern society, rejection is not a big deal! Approach anxiety (see PUA Lingo) is an ancient mechanism, dating back from when we are cavemen, in modern society, there’s no risk in being rejected.

2. Know who you are! There’s nothing as unattractive as a man who lets his identity be decided by how a girl reacts to him. You’re putting way too much pressure on her and the interaction. Be above rejection.

3. Give value. Learn how to be interesting, tell interesting stuff, don’t be the chode (see PUA Lingo) that just asks a bunch of questions to get into her pants, be interesting and have fun.

Okay, now it’s time to get down to the real gist!

There are two ways to approach a girl, directly and indirectly.

A direct approach is basically saying: Hey, I’m into you, can we talk? Now think about what that does to a girl, you only know her looks, so she knows you don’t appreciate her for her personality, but more importantly: You’re giving away all the value in the interaction! You’re asking her: “You have value, are you willing to share it?

Think about it, why would she be willing to share her value with someone she just met? She doesn’t know if you deserve that value! For all she knows, you can be the biggest chode in the world! So chances are, if you approach directly, you’ll get rejected harshly.Direct approach - PUA mistake

The alternative is an indirect approach, approaching without conveying interest right away. There are two ways of doing that, you can either use an opener with a neg (see PUA Lingo) or just have an amazingly high state (see PUA Lingo) that it doesn’t even matter. Give her a chance to see what a cool guy you are before you convey interest.

Canned opener - PUA 101State opener

If you approach a lot of women, even indirectly, you’re going to get rejected A LOT, there’s no way around it, but if you keep at it, your social skills will improve greatly, you’ll build up social muscle and get better at the skill of approaching women! You don’t build a sixpack in one day! The real important thing is, don’t let it change your state, just keep going, it doesn’t say anything about you, she doesn’t know you yet, and in a year, she will hate herself for rejecting the amazing guy you are!

How to deal with harsh rejections.

When you get a lot of indirect approaches under your belt, there will be some harsh rejections in between, so how do you react to those with class? There are two ways of dealing with harsh rejections and they all depend on your state.

If you’re in a medium or low state, use the David Deangelo etiquette check and say this: “Listen, I don’t know where you’re from, but where I’m from, proper etiquette is not a choice. Just because your parents raised you badly, doesn’t mean I have to stand here and suffer from it.” Then walk away.
This is a surefire way to get her to actually THINK about her actions, and most of the times, either she or her friends will get back to you with an apology, and if they do, they’ll be eating out of your hands!

If you’re in a high state, rejection is funny! That’s because you’re having a good time, and they are rejecting that good time! Just laugh and walk away, because this shit is hilarious! You have all this value, and they’re throwing it away, ha!
I guarantee you, that if you do this correctly, they will come back to you asking why you laughed, and if they do, you’ll have one up on the other guys, because you don’t care! You don’t take the interaction seriously, you have the value, and you’re willing to share!

That’s my thoughts on how to survive the Bitch shield, share or comment in the section below.

Next up, I’ll share with you the most important characteristic to have as a PUA!

Actual Core: Bitch shield


User-question: Talking sex.

Ethan asks:

Is .. talking sex stuff with girl is weird ???

Read the answer in the comments!


Why women can be bitches – Feminine mind 101

Lot’s of guys just starting out with PUA, ask me: Wow, are all attractive women just bitches?

Short answer: No, women are not bitches, do not call them that.

Long answer: No, but some nice women act like bitches to fend off the hordes of unattractive male suitors. This is called the bitch-shield. So, why do even nice girls do this?

Well, think about it, do you know how tough it is to be a reasonably attractive girl? Guys are so desperate, a reasonably attractive girl (let’s say HB8, read PUA-lingo!) gets 10 approaches per DAY, if she goes out. These approaches vary from subtle “Hey, how are you?” to not-so-subtle “Hey babe, you’re hot” and she doesn’t have to do anything to get approached like that! Just get dressed and look mediocrely attractive.

The worst thing about it though, if she says no, guys will tell her she’s a stuck up bitch or complain endlessly about being in the friend-zone.  If she says yes to even 10% of these suitors, however, she’ll get laid at least 3 times a week, and she’ll be called a slut. A woman doesn’t need to do ANYTHING to get laid at least 3 times a week.

Beautiful women get approached so much, and will always be insulted no matter the outcome, that it’s logical for a girl to be a “bitch” sometimes when she’s approached, she doesn’t know if you’re really a nice guy or if you’re just faking it to get in her pants.

But you don’t have to take my word or pretty brown eyes for it, I actually put this shit to the test. I asked one of my girlfriends to put up a profile on Facebook, and add herself on every add me-page. Plus, I asked her to react on 9gag (a popular website). The results are astounding! Within 2 days she had over 200 male friends and counting, she didn’t add a single one, they all added her!

All of which were happy to chat with her, and were begging her to come on cam. Because a lot of men who added her expressed homophobic feelings, she even tested if they would share a status on homosexuals having equal rights, just to TALK with her, and almost every guy DID! But that’s not the most disturbing part, read this excerpts from guys she rejected:

Please note, her rejection was saying: “No thanks”, pretty polite, isn’t it?

Bitch shield Rejection on facebook

Bitch shield Rejection on facebook

Bitch shield Rejection on facebook


These are just four reactions of tens she got in just TWO days! Imagine if you have to live your life like that! Think about that next time a girl rejects you! She’s not rejecting you, she’s rejecting the 100s of guys that came before you!

Next article is about how to circumvent the infamous Bitch-Shield, keep checking this page!

Do you have experience with girls acting like bitches? Write your questions and comments in the comment-section below! Want to add Jane and have a little banter? Sorry, she deleted her account!


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Welcome to Actual Core!

Welcome everybody, welcome to Actual Core-dating, the website focussed on giving you as a man the deep change to your actual core, so you can be successful with women.

First a little bit about myself: I’m AC, I’m what they call a rAFC, I’m not a pick-up artist yet! I’ve started to learn pick-up a year ago, and now I’m finally delving in deeper. I’ve seen with my own eyes how easy success with women is and I’ve had quite a lot of succes with women myself in recent months.

The key is to know your own value, to know what is your actual core. You have the value in every interaction, you’re just giving it away too cheaply and to early in the interaction, if you’re convinced by your own core, you won’t be rejected as much, and even if you get rejected (which does happen, there’s no 100% success rate), you won’t let it bother you, you won’t let it change your state.

So my first tip to you is treat every interaction like the girl is hitting on you, see how that changes the game!

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