PUA definitions

Alas, there are some PUA-words you can’t do without. Here’s what they mean:

PUA Definitions:

Abundance mindset

The realization that the things you want are usually very common.
Ex. Get off your oneitis, create an abundance mindset!


Average Frustrated Chump, a normal guy who’s unsuccessful with women.
Ex. Dude, you’re such an AFC.

rAFC= Recovering AFC, a guy who knows a little, but doesn’t master the stuff yet.
Ex. Is he a PUA? Nah, he’s not there yet, he’s an rAFC.

Approach anxiety

The natural, but irrational fear of approaching a girl.


A penis that is wider than it is long, used to describe men without pick-up skills. (see also: AFC)
Ex. Haha, did you just see that Chode approach over there?


Hotness of a woman on a scale from 1 to 10.
Ex. See that HB9 over there?


Indicator of disinterest, how a person shows they are uninterested.
Ex. She’s giving me huge IOD’s, I think I’m gonna bail!


Indicator of interest, how a person shows they are interested.
Ex. She’s giving me huge IOI’s, I’m making my move!


Seductive touch, mostly used in kino-escalation, meaning the gradual increase of touch.
Ex. I started to kino her right away!

(to) Neg

Negative or ambiguous remark that conveys disinterest.
Ex. I negged her twice, and she started validating herself like crazy!


Being so hung up on one girl that you don’t see other opportunities any more.
Ex. You have oneitis for her.


A scripted line or action that helps open a set.
Ex. First I used an opener, and then I used a neg.


Pick-Up Artist.
Ex. wow that guy is an amazing PUA.

(to) Pull

To successfully extract a girl from her current environment (in night-game usually clubs)
Ex. Damn, did you see that HB10 I pulled?

(to) Sarge

Going out with the main purpose of approaching women.
Ex. Wanna sarge tonight?


Group of women (divided in how many there are: one-set, two-set,  three-set etc.)
Ex. I got totally blown out by that two-set!


Your current mood, high equalling fun-having, low equalling being sad or unhappy.
Ex. Damn, my state is so low, I’m getting rejected all the time.

Got some lingo I need to add? Share in the comments below!




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